New Wall-e and Eve Coloring Page

Well, Wall-e is out and I went to see it on the very first day.

It blew me away. Probably best Pixar cartoon ever. I still can’t believe the amount of character and emotion instilled into a box. The people at Pixar are unquestionably geniuses. Not to mention the story line itself. Gets one thinking...

I also finally know what the story behind my coloring pages.

Which is why I’m putting this new Wall-e coloring page up. This was probably the most touching scene in the movie.

PS: If you haven’t seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Go see it now!

Wall-e and the Gang Coloring Page and Some Off-Topic

Ok, of course there is going to be a coloring page, but first let’s talk…

You will no doubt notice that I’ve added a whole bunch of book links on a side. I thought I’ll make your Wall-e hunting easier for you :)

But seriously, though it is true that there are plenty of wonderful (and totally free!) coloring pages on this site, sometimes a child deserves a real book. Coloring book, sticker book, story book...

Every time my son develops a fascination with a character, I use it as a learning opportunity. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to the Pixar Cars movie (the previous hit with kids, in case you somehow missed it…) for all the wonderful merchandise they’ve had. Even though my house has been plastered for the past year with McQueen stickers, coloring books, puzzles and no less then ten actual McQueens (and I’m not even counting the other characters) – these books and gadgets helped my son to learn colors, count wheels, understand basic mechanics (McQueen’s tire broke – why?), understand speed, develop coordination, develop cutting skills, learn puzzle solving (he patiently tried the puzzle over and over until he got the concept, and he is only three…) and generally learn a bit more about the world.

Children learn by playing. What looks like a repetitive obsession to a parent, is a patient learning process to a child. As the kid watches his favorite show over and over, and colors in same characters over and over, he understands new nuances, and notices new details. He figures out the rules. Each time he asks the same question, he’s checking how constant the world is and how well he understood it.

Right now I am fully prepping for Wall-e. Because I know what to expect. Wall-e looks a bit like an excavator and a tractor, and my son is obsessed with those.

But it also means that I can’t wait for a Wall-e puzzle. Cause I won’t have to convince him to sit down and develop his logical skills – he’ll do it on his own accord. And I’ll get him more Wall-e books, cause I won’t have to convince him to pay attention when I’m reading. And if his obsession lasts all the way till his next birthday (or Christmas) I’ll have a full-blown Wall-e party setup, with plates, napkins and the whole hoopla… Cause it will make him happy.

Think about it, for just a few bucks (and most items are cheaper than a lunch or a morning bagel/coffee combo) you can have your kid feel happy and rewarded.

So by all means, print out as many pages from here as you want. Make as many copies as your heart desires.

But do get a real sticker book now and then.

(Isn't it cute?)

Or a real Wall-e toy. Or a fun projector book . Or, heck, a REAL COLORING BOOK,

which will cost you between $1 and $4. Hardly breaking the bank... (And this is a really good one, about the space chase.)

Childhood is precious. And it goes by way too fast… Let kids have little treats now and then. They deserve them :)


And now, for those who patiently read the above masterpiece, (and for those who didn’t, but what can I do?), here is a great coloring page of Wall-e and the gang.

(Note: Don't forget to adjust print properties to "landscape" for this one.)

Here are their “names”, from left to right:

VAQ-M, PR-T, BRL-A, WALL-E, L-T, EVE, HAN-S, M-O… Pretty creative, eh?

By the way, I have finally found out what WALL-E stands for:

W – Waste
A – Allocation
L – Load
L – Lifter
E – Earth-class

While EVE is:

E – Extraterrestrial
V – Vegetation
E – Evaluator

I have also figured out what most of these guys do, based on their names, pics, and trailer number three, that’s floating around the net… Except for HAN-S. No idea what’s he up to…

Guess I’ll have to wait for the movie to find out…

Or read a book ;)

PS: Enjoy the stage of your child's development when all you need to get him is coloring books. Cause soon he'll be asking for cars, motorcycles, computers and power tools. Drill bits, anyone?

Wall-e and Eve Blast Off to Space Coloring Page

Here is a long awaited new Wall-e coloring page!

That didn’t take a long introduction, eh? :) What can I say… I love children’s coloring pages. Sometimes that love shuts down my verbal (and writing) abilities.

But... Cool bubbles! You go Wall-e… Blast off to space!

And while on the subject of blasting, you should definitly check out the official coloring book called “Blast Off” . It has many great pics, would make a terrific gift for the kids, and is incredibly cheap (under $4). Which is next to free in my books… So, definitely worth a look.

Of course, there are tons of pics here by now… But sometimes it’s nice to have a “real” book, right? For those special occasions… (Or as rewards for extra good behaviour...)