The Longing Wall-e Coloring Page

If adorability could be rated, these following Wall-e coloring pages would definitely score 15 out of 10. I mean, just look at those eyes! And that longing! If this doesn’t prove that robots can feel, nothing else will :)

Once upon a time I considered taking up animation and art. But I could never quite grasp how a simple drawing of a box or a hand was supposed to have "expression" or "movement" or all the other words that I just couldn't correlate to a static immobile images. I mean, a box is a box, right? A square is a square...

Obviously the guys at Pixar got the point much better than I did. They manage to put feelings into a being with no mouth, or nose, or ears... I mean, what is Wall-e but a box with eyes? And yet... How do they do it?

Anyways, back to the coloring page. This time the picture is available in two versions – with highlighted features and regular.

Personally I love the highlighted version… But who am I to stop others from highlighting on their own? After all, that’s the fun in coloring, eh? :)

So, download, print, and have fun :)

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RLR said...

thank you for these amazing pics! our son loves Wall-E, we don't get the film for another week or so but he's happy with the trailer and the toys!